Course Description

Successful leaders have the capacity to thrive in the face of adversity and feel confident, optimistic and hopeful about the future. These traits – which can be learned – contribute to leaders' personal well-being, that of their employees and a more successful organization.

You will learn:

  • what resilience is;
  • how the latest research links it to employee well-being and organizational performance;
  • how building resilience contributes to a psychologically health work environment; and
  • the steps you can take to build resilience in your organization. 


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President of The Graham Lowe Group Inc

Graham Lowe, PhD

Graham Lowe is president of The Graham Lowe Group Inc., a workplace consulting and research firm. He also is a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, where he had a distinguished academic career. Graham has over three decades of organizational, labour market, and employment policy consulting experience. He is the author of several books, including Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success ( His latest book, with Frank Graves, is entitled Redesigning Work: A Blueprint for Canada’s Future Well-Being and Prosperity ( Graham has given hundreds of conference talks and workshops across Canada and internationally. He is a recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award and holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Building Resilience for Leaders and Organizations

    • Pre-Survey

    • Building Resilience for Leaders and Organizations

    • Building Resilience for Leaders and Organizations - Presentation Slides

    • Evaluation Survey