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When you ask people about what makes a good leader, you usually get multiple and diverse responses. Some affirm that good leaders were born with a "unique gift" that makes them influential (e.g., Charisma); while others affirm that people can learn to be a good leader. In this webcast, I will argue that our research suggest that the truth is somewhere in the middle: All humans have the innate potential to become leaders, but not everyone will. I plan to introduce the notion of "character" as collection of foundational personal resources that can enhance the exercise of leadership.

You will learn:

  • What is character, and why it matters to good leadership
  • How eleven, interconnected personal resources (character dimensions) mutually inform each other
  • How the exercise of good judgment enables to tap on these eleven foundational resources so that leaders remain effective in the face of situational pressures

Take-home messages:

  • Leading with character is a habit of being; as such, it requires the daily exercise of virtue.
  • Character matters: The eleven character dimensions have been related to positive results for leaders, both personal and professional
  • Character can be trained and developed. As such, our model provides an inclusive approach to leading self, others and the organization.


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Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour, Ivey Business School, Canada

Lucas Monzani, PhD

Dr. Monzani is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Ivey Business School (Canada). Previously, he was a lecturer in Leadership at the Graduate School of Management of Plymouth University (United Kingdom). Also, he is an associate researcher at both the Institute for Organizational Development and Quality of Work Life of the University of Valencia (Spain) and the and Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations at Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany). Dr. Monzani completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership at the Ivey Business School of Western Ontario University (Canada). He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology of Human Resources by the University of Valencia and is an Erasmus Mundus Master in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology. His research interest lies within advanced concepts in organizational behavior, such as exemplary leadership, commitment to lead, and other topics bridging neuropsychology with Organizational behavior. Whenever possible, Lucas Monzani combines his research activities with his professional practice as an executive consultant. He has extensive experience in wide array of topics of corporate life, such as leadership potential assessment & development, executive coaching, advanced recruitment & selection techniques, virtual team-building. As a consultant, Dr. Monzani contributed to several leadership development projects within the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) of the United Nations.

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    Character Matters: Positive Psychology Applied to Leadership

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    • Character Matters: Positive Psychology Applied to Leadership

    • Character Matters: Positive Psychology Applied to Leadership - Presentation Slides

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