Course Description

In a time of unprecedented rates of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; Dr. Elkington looks to provide an anecdote and proposes a shift in the leadership narrative. Offering a change in mindset of ‘let’s win together’ this conversation navigates away from the leader pressures of knowing all the answers and extends to leveraging imbedded leadership throughout an organization in a co-constructed new way forward.

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Dr. Rob Elkington

Rob Elkington, Ph.D., currently resides in Canada, where he serves as Assistant Professor, Trent University Durham, and as the CEO of Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc., which exists to "develop excellence in leadership globally," Rob also serves on the faculty of various universities such as: - Adjunct Professor at the Ontario Tech University in the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Education. o Supervising faculty with the Ed.D program for Education. - Graduate teaching faculty for the GDIPL for Social Sciences and Humanities. - Senior Lecturer, Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership.