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Lift Each Other Up will help you recognize what bullying is and how to be aware of the increased risk of stigmatization, microaggressions and cyberbullying within a major disruption, such as the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

Learn how to have a compassionate, empathic and helpful conversation with your colleague, friend or family member who is being impacted.

Understand how to use the three Lift Each Other Up questions in a conversation about bullying, harassment or disrespectful behaviour and when it’s important to engage the help of your Human Resources team and/or report a bullying incident.   

We will explore:

  • What bullying is and the increased risk of cyberbullying within the current Covid pandemic 
  • How kindness, caring and treating people with respect makes a profound difference
  • How to recognize the most common types of bullying
  • How to use the three Lift Each Other Up questions in a CARE conversation 
  • How to know when to engage the help of your Human Resources team and/or report a bullying incident


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Dene Rossouw

Dene is the Principal Learning Facilitator at team Possibil. He has facilitated hundreds of programs in Africa and Canada. He is a certified coach and known for his ability to encourage learning, demystify complexity and explain processes using transferable concepts and dynamic models. Dene is the author of two books—A Complicated Love and Credible: The Six Leadership Conversations. He is the co-creator of Back.Chat, the anti-bullying web app and is an avid wildlife photographer in his spare time.

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    Anti-Bullying in the Workplace - Lift Each Other Up - April 13th at 09:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

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