Course Description

As technology continues to advance and employers recognize the value of expanding their hiring pools, the need for organizations to create supportive virtual work environments is increasing. 

Throughout this course, you’ll come to understand more fully what it means to be a remote worker and what it means to hire and work with remote workers. This applies to employees who have found themselves leaving the office to work from home for any number of reasons as well. 


This program is designed for leaders or managers that want to take a proactive approach in creating supportive remote work environments within their organization.

What You'll Learn:

  • Broaden understanding of the dynamic of remote work
  • Thoughts on how to hire and work with remote workers
  • Advantages and challenges to consider for remote work
  • Ideas for how to manage remote work
  • Communication style options
  • Broadening understanding and ways to utilize accommodation and support systems
  • Productivity tips for remote work

Course structure

Information in this course is presented through a series of animations explaining key information, opportunities to test your knowledge and reflect on your learning and action steps to implement your learning in your organization.

This course is intended to take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. It is separated into modules and your progress is automatically saved, so feel free to complete at your own pace.


If you have been provided with a Record ID through your organization, please update your profile before enrolling in a course. In order for your certificate to be issued, your profile needs to be up-to-date prior to your enrollment. 

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Work Wellness Institute

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview: Creating a Supportive Work Environment for Employees who Work From Home and Remote Workers

    • Introduction

    • Pre-survey

    • Course Material

    • Terms and Definitions

    • Terms and Definitions Sheet

    • Introduction Video

    • Introduction Activity

    • Time to reflect!

  • 2

    Module 1: Understanding Remote Work

    • Module 1: Introduction

    • What Does it Mean to Be a Remote Worker?

    • Quick Check

    • Time to reflect!

    • Advantages & Challenges of Remote Work for Employees

    • Advantages & Challenges of Remote Work for Employers

    • Quick Check

    • Time to reflect!

    • Module 1: Summary

  • 3

    Module 2: Supporting Remote Work

    • Module 2: Introduction

    • What Supports are Available for Employees Right Now in Your Organization?

    • The Importance of Accommodating Remote Workers Properly

    • Quick Check

    • Technology and Equipment Assessment for Working Remotely

    • Quick Check

    • Time to relfect!

    • Communication Strategies & Supports

    • Quick Check

    • Time to reflect!

    • Productivity Supports for Your Employees

    • Time to reflect!

    • Time to reflect!

    • Module 2: Summary

  • 4

    Module 3: Going Forward

    • Module 3: Introduction

    • Best Practices for Hiring Remote Workers

    • Quick Check

    • Time to reflect!

    • Hiring Remote Workers with Disabilities

    • Quick Check

    • Transitioning Employees with Disabilities From Working In-Office to Working From Home

    • Time to reflect!

    • Onboarding New Employees

    • Setting up Standards for Employees who Work From Home

    • Quick Check

    • Time to reflect!

    • Module 3: Summary

  • 5

    Course Summary

    • Course Summary

    • Action Steps in the Workplace

    • Evaluation survey

    • Acknowledgements

    • Course References