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Course Description

Post-pandemic, leadership competencies will not only apply to the roles responsible for managing teams, nor are they immune to changing environmental factors that are contributing to organizations' adjusted missions and values.

We will discuss the effects of empathy, transparency, and respect as traits that are encouraged to be developed and driven in learning organizations that are committed to offering their people a wholesome journey for both personal and professional growth. 

We will also highlight how these competencies are further developed through leadership teams modeling these behaviors and placing these characteristics as imminent to measuring success.

Learning Outcomes

  • The effects of empathy, transparency and respect as leadership competencies are considered key pillars when determining an organization's ability to manage change and measure success.
  • These key leadership traits are earning a competitive advantage for learning organizations.
  • Leaders will understand how to promote the diversity of the personal brands of their employees and its collective impact on collaboration and leadership growth.
  • Organizations that are committed to offering their people to a wholesome journey for both personal and professional growth focus on developing and promoting their company brand through their people.  


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Founder & CEO, Agilis Executive Consulting

Reena Khullar Sharma

Reena Khullar Sharma is a global Executive Consultant with a background in Human Resources leadership strategy and development. Reena is recognized for her innovation in launching a global consulting firm during the pandemic, inspiring leadership growth for clients around the world through her coaching advantage. She has specialized in developing and implementing business strategies unique to an organization’s corporate culture, providing a competitive advantage for its people, business and strategic success. Reena is a member and contributor of the Forbes™ Coaches Council, where she contributes to Forbes™ on topics related to Entrepreneurship, Executive Leadership and Professional Development. In addition, Reena contributes to Entrepreneur Media™ to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs; highlighting the importance of agility in entrepreneurship, while offering actionable steps for readers to take away and start their own entrepreneurship journeys. Reena is also a member of the Harvard Business Review™ Advisory Council, and provides research and insight in shaping the content developed on management and leadership. In 2021, Reena trained to become an Accredited Partner with Smart Collaboration™ International for the SMART COLLABORATION ACCELERATOR, a psychometric assessment that supports consulting engagements for clients in every industry and every country across the globe; transforming the world of virtual work.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Impactful Leadership in the Post-pandemic Workplace

    • Pre-Survey

    • Impactful Leadership in the Post-pandemic Workplace

    • Impactful Leadership in the Post-pandemic Workplace - Presentation Slides

    • Evaluation Survey