Course Description

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many organizations have had to make changes in the workplace to ensure that their employees feel safe and supported, whether they are returning to the workplace or continuing to work remotely. During this panel webinar our speakers will discuss what employers need to know about inclusive design during COVID-19. As it can be difficult to know what changes are necessary and how they can be implemented effectively, our speakers will also share some tips on this, as well as provide the audience with the opportunity to ask questions of their own.

Learning outcomes:

  • What employers need to know about inclusive design in the workplace.
  • Specifics to inclusive design that may have come to light in the era of COVID-19


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Jutta Treviranus

Jutta Treviranus is the Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) and professor in the faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto. Jutta established the IDRC in 1993 as the nexus of a growing global community that proactively works to ensure that our digitally transformed and globally connected society is designed inclusively. She also heads the Inclusive Design Institute, a multi-university regional centre of expertise. Jutta founded an innovative graduate program in inclusive design at OCAD University. She leads international multi-partner research networks that have created broadly implemented innovations that support digital equity. She has played a leading role in developing accessibility legislation, standards and specifications internationally (including W3C WAI ATAG, IMS AccessForAll, ISO 24751, and AODA Information and Communication, ). She serves on many advisory bodies globally to provide expertise in smart cities and inclusive infrastructure (e.g., Waterfront Toronto, London Olympics, NYC Libraries, World Economic Forum, etc.) Jutta’s work has been attributed as the impetus for corporate adoption of more inclusive practices in large enterprise companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.

Jess Mitchell

Jess Mitchell is Senior Manager, Research + Design at the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University in Toronto. Her work focuses on fostering innovation within diverse communities while achieving outcomes that benefit everyone. She applies this perspective to managing large-scale international projects, focused organizational initiatives, and everything in between. Jess works in a highly collaborative and open manner employing methods from complex project management, agile, and inclusive design. Jess has worked on a number of complex distributed projects, bridging gaps among diverse stakeholders and fostering innovation: building the Ghana Internet Exchange Point in West Africa, teaching at the University level, facilitating workshops with government, industry, and non-profit partners, and working to make the Internet accessible and inclusive to all. Her work has spanned numerous sectors and fields. With a background in Ethics, Jess delivers a situated and unique perspective on messy and complex issues.

Course curriculum

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    Return to Work & Inclusive Design: COVID-19 & Beyond

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    • Return to Work & Inclusive Design: COVID-19 & Beyond

    • Return to Work & Inclusive Design: COVID-19 & Beyond - Presentation Slides

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