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Course Description

This presentation focuses on:

As populations age and live longer, our working lives are too. For too long, ageism in the workplace has held back individuals and organisations from achieving their maximum potential. Understanding how to engage employees of all ages, including young, middle-aged, and older adults, is therefore vital. 

Based on qualitative research in collaboration with learning and development experts, this presentation will detail the best ways to engage employees and reduce ageism in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assist workplaces and employers in eradicating bias and engaging older workers
  • Encourage implementation of intergenerational programs in the workplace
  • Encourage a bottom-up approach in certain work areas, where possible


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Masters of Management

Anna van Renen

Anna joined the ILC, the UK’s leading authority on the impact of longevity on society, in 2023. She works in health and social research and current projects include preventative healthcare, vaccination, and continuous education in older adults. Anna is from the UK, but lived and studied in South Africa for 10 years. Aside from working at the ILC, she is still conducting research through the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg on access to paediatric healthcare for migrants. Her passion lies in how policy can promote equitable and inclusive access to social and healthcare services, and how inequalities can be addressed to ensure institutions provide longevity-based healthcare and social services to everyone.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tips and Advice for Workplaces to Engage Employees of all Ages

    • Pre-Survey

    • Tips and Advice for Workplaces to Engage Employees of all Ages

    • Tips and Advice for Workplaces to Engage Employees of all Ages

    • Evaluation Survey